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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Addax | Addax nasomaculatus

The Addax (also called Mendes antelope) is completely white, especially in spring and summer, except for the facial features. Sculptures and pictures show that Mendes antelopes in ancient Egypt were important sacrificial animals. This antelope species is threatened with extinction today. In western and central Sahara, where they live, they are largely driven out by livestock and hunting.

Serengeti-Park animals: Addax

In the deserts and semi-deserts, there are now less than 500 free-living animals that constantly roam and forage for food. The Addax is a real desert animal and does not need to drink so often. It supplements its water needs through its diet. To protect itself against the wind and the strong sun, it grazes the hooves with depressions and lies down in them. The Mendes antelope has no fixed mating season. The gestation period is eight months. Only one calf weighing about 5 kilograms is born.