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Together for the future of our animals!

Animal sponsorships in Serengeti-Park

Become an animal godfather! Our elephant child Nelly, the imposing male lion Malik, the curious kattas and all our other animals are happy to have a sponsor. Your animal sponsorship serves the welfare of the animals and supports the Serengeti Park in its animal management tasks. With an animal sponsorship, you can do something good for your favorite animal and engage in animal and species protection! Each sponsorship is exclusive, so each animal has only one sponsor.

Steppenzebra - Wildtiere Serengeti-Park

Animal species – Price per sponsorship / year

As part of the annual animal sponsorship you will receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship with a photo of the animal
  • A sign on the big godfather wall in Serengeti Park
  • Depending on the level of the sponsorship, one or up to five free tickets of 2 persons each

Terms of Animal Sponsorship

For more information, as well as the complete list of all animals up for sponsorships, please contact our Animal Sponsorship Team on the following number: +49 5164 / 97 99-182 or