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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Cheetah | Acinonyx jubatus

The fastest land animal! The cheetah is famous for its enormous speed, which can be reached within a few seconds: 90-110 km/h is an easy task for this beautiful animal! However, the cheetah can hold this speed only a few meters long and must thus focus on his prey quite accurately during his sprint. His potential prey, usually an antelope, only has a chance if the distance is big enough. The cheetah has trained its body for this rapid and short hunt: He has non-retractable claws and is thus equipped for high speeds. Also striking is its black streak from the eyes to the snout.

Serengeti-Park animals: Cheetah

For the human, the cheetah has played a special role in the last century. Because he tames easily, he was often caught and trained for hunting. The cheetah was once widespread throughout Africa and in South Asia and India. Populations, however, have declined sharply and are even completely eradicated in India. In the wild, the cheetah can probably only survive in nature reserves in the long term, as in the extensive national parks in East Africa. They are classified as a vulnerable species!