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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Cotton-top Tamarin | Saguinus oedipus

The family of the marmosets includes the Liszt monkeys, also known as the Cotton-top Tamarin. They have their name in reference to the composer Franz Liszt, who at the time was wearing an idiosyncratic hairstyle. These monkeys have a wild white head of hair, the mane grows deep into the middle of the forehead, however the face is black, as are the ears.

Serengeti-Park animals: Liszt monkeys

Cotton-top Tamarins emit pretty, chirping pure flute tones. In the wild, they are predominant in northwestern Colombia. Since their habitat is very limited and threatened by deforestation, they are classified by the World Conservation Union, IUCN, as critically endangered! In their habitat they roam their territory in a small group of up to twelve animals. They jump nimbly from branch to branch, sometimes up to three meters wide. In addition to fruits and tree juices, they like insects and small vertebrates that they quickly kill with their strong teeth. Although they look so cute, you should not hold your fingers out, because they may feel provoked and bite hard.