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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Current Visitor Information

We are happy to announce that the zoo, amusement park and lodges are open daily for you again! Together we want to enjoy a lot of recreational fun and protect each other. You, your family, other guests, our staff and of course our animals want to stay healthy – together we can do it!
In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, general restrictions as well as hygiene rules also apply in our lodge. We ask you to read the following instructions carefully before your visit and to follow them conscientiously.

Please note that, due to the dynamic situation, daily changes (even at short notice on site) are possible.

What rules must be observed?

In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, the general restrictions as well as hygiene rules continue to apply. We ask you to read the following information carefully before your visit and to adhere to it in the interest of the health of all guests, our staff and the animals.

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres is to be maintained during the entire stay.
  • Please cough and sneeze only in the crook of your arm – not in your hands or freely in the air.
  • Please wash your hands regularly (and also those of your children!).
  • The Serengeti Safari is only allowed in closed vehicles. All windows, doors, sunroofs etc. must remain closed!
  • Feeding or touching the animals is prohibited! (Nobody can say for sure if and how the virus is transmitted to animals and what effects this may have).
  • The number of people in a car must be minimised in accordance with the general contact restrictions. Please inform yourself at about the daily updated regulations of the state of Lower Saxony.
  • In the double-decker buses and other vehicles in the park, groups of people may only sit together in accordance with the contact regulations valid at the time. Seats/row of seats remain free in between.
  • Our toilets, as well as the seats and bus stops in the buses are of course regularly cleaned and disinfected

    Where must face-masks be worn?

    By wearing so-called everyday masks we protect each other. Masks are obligatory in particular wherever the distance cannot be maintained continuously or the risk of infection would be increased without a mask.

    • Reception of the lodges
    • Souvenir shop
    • Double decker bus and guided tours (Safari Specials)
    • (Indoor) waiting areas in front of the rides
    • In the Indoor Safari
    • When entering and leaving the closed show tents (As soon as the marked seats are taken, the mask can be removed. So it does not have to be worn during the show).
    • When entering and leaving our gastronomic facilities and at the buffet. At the table the mask can be taken off.
    • Other areas, which are marked accordingly
    • In the Safari Blitz, masks are compulsory even during the ride, as it is an indoor roller coaster. Firmly and securely seated masks for everyday use are the minimum standard, scarves and thin or loose-fitting neckerchiefs are not sufficient!

    On the other rides the obligation does not exist. But we do ask you to wear a mask there as well.

    According to § 9 paragraph 4 of the Lower Saxony regulation on infection-protective measures against the spread of the corona virus, children up to the age of 6 years are exempt from the mask obligation.

    Are there any limitations?

    Even though the park is now completely open again, the requirements to contain the coronavirus are bringing about a few changes in some places. We ask for your understanding and patience.

    • The accessible animal enclosures of the monkeys will remain closed. The animals can currently only be observed from outside.
      Please do not touch the animals through the fence either: Nobody can say for sure if and how the virus is transmitted to animals and what effects this may have.
    • It is not allowed to get off at the elephants and the footpath into the Ivory Valley remains closed.
    • The kangaroo trail is open – but it is not allowed to feed the animals!
    • The petting safari is open – but it is not allowed to feed the animals out of your hand.
    • There is no show feeding.
    • The Elite Safari tour cannot be offered.
    • The barbecue areas are closed
    • The Afrika-Express (Park Railway) is currently not running.
    • Due to the limited capacities (unoccupied seats) there may be longer waiting times at the rides.

    What do I need to consider when buying tickets?

    In order to minimize the risk of infection, we ask you to buy your tickets only online if possible and to show the printout with the barcodes at the cash desk on the day of your visit. You will also save one Euro per ticket if you buy it online!
    If you don’t have the technical means to buy tickets online, we ask you to pay at the box office, preferably contactless (EC, Master, Visa card or ApplePay).
    The tickets are not day-bound! You can come to us with your online ticket on any day of the 2020 season!

    From 25 May onwards, the regular admission prices apply. You have purchased a so-called partial opening ticket (reduced ticket) online before 25 May? No problem: These tickets are still valid. You only have to pay the difference to the regular price at the cash desk.

    In order to be able to keep the necessary distance regulations, there may be capacity restrictions or a short-term admission stop. We ask for your understanding.

    Annual tickets

    All previously purchased annual tickets that were valid beyond 27 March 2020 will automatically be extended by the period of closure / partial closure (28.03.-24.05.) The validity of the tickets will be stored anew in our cash register system, so you don’t have to worry about anything and there is no need to issue a new ticket.

    What do I need to know about overnight stays in the park?

    Overnight stays are possible! When checking in at the reception, a mouth-nose cover must be worn. Dinner cannot be offered as a buffet at the moment, but you can eat normally in our restaurant a la carte in the evening.
    According to the Lower Saxony regulation for the fight against the Corona Pandemic (Nds. GVBl. Nr. 13/2020) we are obliged according to §6 to “document the name and contact details of each guest as well as the time of entering and leaving the facility with their consent and to keep this documentation for three weeks so that any chain of infection can be traced; a guest may only be served if they agree with the documentation. After the retention period has expired, the contact data must be deleted.”

    Due to hygiene regulations, we are unfortunately no longer able to provide the following items at the lodges at present:

    • Kettle
    • Glasses or cups
    • Spoons
    • Welcome plate

    If you have any questions regarding the booking or existing reservations, please contact Due to the high number of inquiries, there may be delays in processing. We ask for your understanding.

    Any questions?

    If you still have special questions, we are at your disposal under or +49 5164 97 990! Please understand that there may be delays in processing your enquiries at present.

    This information may change at any time. Status August 24th, 2020