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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Current Visitor Information

According to the current decree of the state of Lower Saxony for the containment of the coronavirus, the Serengeti-Park is open again daily with a limited offer and under certain conditions! Please note that daily changes (even at short notice on site) are possible. As long as we are subject to these restrictions, reduced admission prices apply. The reduced tickets cannot be combined with free tickets or other reductions. Here you can find the most important information in the overview.

Which parts of the park can be visited?

Serengeti Safari (Animal Park)

  • Passage with your own car (already included in the entrance fee)
  • Guided tour in a double-decker bus (6,50 Euro p.p. / ATTENTION: Masks are compulsory!)

Safari specials (VIP tours and feedings) do not take place! Getting off at the elephants is not allowed.

Jungle Safari (Monkey Islands)

  • Jungle Safari footpaths are open

The walkable enclosures are still closed. However, the animals housed here can be seen from outside.
The jungle safari tour and show feeding will not take place.

Adventure Safari (Theme Park)

  • Footpaths are open
  • Jurassic Safari, Ice Age Safari and “Animals of the future” are open
  • Playgrounds can be used
  • Kiosks / Bistros are open
  • Souvenir shop is open (ATTENTION: Masks are compulsory!)
  • The rides will remain out of operation. The main restaurant and the indoor safari are closed. There are no shows.

    What rules must be observed?

    In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, the general restrictions as well as hygiene rules continue to apply. We ask you to read the following information carefully before your visit and to adhere to it in the interest of the health of all guests, our staff and the animals.

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres is to be maintained during the entire stay.
  • Where this distance cannot be maintained, the use of masks is compulsory (souvenir shop, double-decker bus).
  • Please cough and sneeze only in the crook of your arm – not in your hands or freely in the air.
  • Please wash your hands regularly (and also those of your children!).
  • The Serengeti Safari is only allowed in closed vehicles. All windows, doors, sunroofs etc. must remain closed!
  • Feeding or touching the animals is prohibited! (Nobody can say for sure if and how the virus is transmitted to animals and what effects this may have).
  • The number of people in a car must be minimised in accordance with the general contact restrictions. Please inform yourself at about the daily updated regulations of the state of Lower Saxony.
  • Our toilets, as well as the seats and bus stops in the buses are of course regularly cleaned and disinfected

    Ticket purchase

    In order to minimize the risk of infection, we ask you to buy your tickets only online if possible and to show the printout with the barcodes at the cash desk on the day of your visit. You will also save one Euro per ticket if you buy it online!

    If you don’t have the technical means to buy tickets online, we ask you to pay at the box office, preferably contactless (EC, Master, Visa card or ApplePay).
    The partial opening tickets are considered as reduced tickets – a combination with further reductions or discounts is not possible!

    As soon as the Serengeti-Park is able to reopen fully, other ticket prices apply. In the 2020 season, these tickets can be credited against the current daily entrance fee. Any difference must be paid at the ticket office.

    In order to comply with the necessary distance regulations, capacity restrictions or a short-term admission stop may occur. We ask for your understanding.

    Annual tickets

    All annual tickets purchased so far that are valid beyond March 27th 2020 will automatically be extended in their validity by the period of unplanned closure. The validity of the tickets will be stored anew in our cash register system, so you don’t have to worry about anything and there is no need to issue a new ticket.
    Unfortunately, the on-site purchase of annual tickets is currently not possible. Please use the online purchase option for the annual ticket.

    Overnight stays

    All bookings that fall into the period up to and including 24 May will be cancelled and refunded. Our staff will contact all concerned directly in the near future!
    In addition, the general booking conditions apply. There are currently delays in the booking process due to the high number of requests. We ask for your understanding.


    All booked safari specials that fall into the period of unplanned closure (your day as a Predator Keeper, your day as a Monkey Keeper, your day as an Animal Keeper, Photo Safari, your personal Quad Safari, etc) can either be refunded or if possible rebooked to a later date. Our staff will contact all concerned directly in the near future.

    Online tickets

    All online tickets purchased so far for the 2020 season remain valid. They are not day-dated and can still be used throughout the 2020 season. Payment for any differences to the respective box office price is not possible.


    If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal! Please understand that there may be delays in the processing of inquiries at the moment.
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