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FAQ – Important expedition information

Your own car or the Serengeti bus tour?

If you drive your own car you experience the Serengeti safari at your own risk – any liability on our part is excluded. The Serengeti bus tour includes a guided tour and animal visits and is available for 6.50 euros per person! Departure is from the main car park.

Show and feeding times

Our show flyer contains all the latest information on our breathtaking shows, feeding and activities – available at the ticket office and in the Zanzibar restaurant. Please also pay attention to our notices in the park!

Caravans, convertibles, etc.

Beware! Our monkeys like to jump onto vehicles and may break things. The risk of injury for the animals is serious – caravan owners, please take the Serengeti bus tour! Convertibles and vehicles with folding roofs are not allowed to enter the Serengeti safari for safety reasons!

Do not feed the animals!

The feeding of the animals is absolutely prohibited. The animals get ill from it and for you it is a life-threatening danger. This also applies to all the monkeys on the jungle safari. Please also do not eat when you are near the animals!

Monkeys on the jungle safari

Please keep an eye on your bags, backpacks, mobile phones, glasses, hats, etc., otherwise the monkeys may snatch them!


We love animals – and your dog as well. However, dogs are not allowed on the Serengeti bus tour, Aqua Safari or in the outdoor enclosures of the jungle safari!

Free ticket

Please note that only one free ticket per car can be redeemed if there is at least one person paying in full sitting in the car. The person paying in full can be an adult or a child. It is not possible to combine the free ticket with other discounts or redeem it on activity days. Please choose just one of the discounts. If you arrive by train you can redeem a free ticket on presentation of the railway ticket valid on that day. One person, who would normally pay in full, can use a free ticket as well if you arrive by bicycle with at least 2 people.

Please always follow the instructions of our park team and ask when you need help. Please heed the “Serengeti Parkordnung” (Serengeti Park regulations).

Our animals have right of way!

Always treat them considerately with regard and respect.
And now have lots of fun in the Serengeti Park!