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Go on your own safari and have wild adventures!

Welcome to your safari adventure in the Serengeti Park!

Discover a whole new world on the trail of the great explorers and adventurers and the animal inhabitants of our park! You will be amazed by your experiences here.

Go eye to eye with the world’s biggest terrestrial mammals on your safari through our Serengeti. Courageously get on the most daring vehicles to conquer the jungle, the water and even the sky. Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers of Africa and adventurers and hear many exciting tales from their lives. You can feel like a real adventurer here!

Spend a day full of fun, excitement and adventure, learn to respect the animals and discover yourself as an adventurer on a safari along with your friends!

Safari-Abenteuer Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen

The Serengeti Park offers a unique combination of a zoological garden and a theme park. You can have exciting adventures on your own safari here!

You can marvel at 1,500 wild and exotic animals from different countries in an environment close to nature at the Serengeti Safari, our animal park! On the ten kilometre long trip you will encounter lions, tigers, rhinos, antelopes, elephants and other animals either with an experienced safari guide on the safari bus or in your own car.

The new island area for our monkeys, the jungle safari, gives you the chance to watch about 200 primates without cage barriers. You can even make direct contact with the monkeys in the five walk-in compounds.

You can have an action-packed adventure in the Adventure Safari, our theme park with over 40 rides and stunning shows.