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Face to face with 1,500 wild animals

Serengeti Safari

Follow the tracks of nature and experience 1,500 wild and exotic animals from different countries in their natural environment on our “Serengeti-Safari”. Whether on a safari bus with our experienced safari guides or by private car: on this ten-kilometre journey you´ll meet lions, tigers, rhinos, antelopes and bears.

Löwe - Wildtiere Serengeti-Park

On the Serengeti bus tour you will come closer to some animals than ever before: giraffes for instance tend to put their heads through open windows out of curiosity. You´ll feel the tingling when all of a sudden you go face to face with the largest land mammal on earth!

Around the world in one day with the Serengeti-Safari

The Serengeti-Safari takes you through 17 large-scale outdoor enclosures. During the tour you´ll meet free-roaming wild animals from all over the world. The “safari on foot” leads you on a path over ramparts and protected by watercourses into the Masai Mara. There you can watch a giraffe breeding group, Chlorocebi, South African gemsboks, blesboks, bongo antelopes, nile lechwe and impalas.
The Serengeti bus tour takes place in any weather. It takes an hour and costs €5.50. The tickets can be purchased at the ticket office directly at entrance into the park, at the kiosk by the bus departure point or right here in our online shop. The last bus departs one hour before the park closes. Daily changes to the departure times are possible! You´ll find information on this at the bus stop.