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Offers for groups

Have Serengeti Park adventures along with your school class, colleagues or club. Go on your expedition as a group and benefit from our various group offers and discounts! For your safari group, we offer various discounts for entrance or a combination of entrance and food as well as guided safari events.


  • You must arrive in a shared coach
  • You are an association, society or club
  • You book 14 days in advance

Reduced admission for groups

  • Children (3 to 12 years) € 16.00
  • Adults € 22.00

Groups of children and school trips

  • Pre-school and primary school € 9.00
  • From 5th grade and holiday programmes € 12.00
  • Accompanying adult € 21.00

For every 15 students one accompanying adult receives free admission!

People with disabilities

  • People with disabilities € 14.00
    (from 80% degree of disability)
  • registered accompanying person € 14.00

Senior citizen groups

  • from 63 years of age € 17.50
    on presentation of ID cards

Serengeti bus tour

  • One hour tour through the 10 kilometres of the Serengeti Safari in a double decker bus € 5.50 per person

Combined offers for entrance and food

A safari makes you hungry – taste the adventure!

Choose the most suitable offer for your group at our Zanzibar restaurant!
With pre-ordered combined offers you not only save money, but also time: The food for your group will be served at the appointed time in an area reserved for you.
All offers include park admission and the Serengeti bus tour!

group offers at Serengeti Park Hodenhagen

African Adventure Safari

Accompanied by your safari guide, get up close with the park and the animals. Feast on our lunch buffet and relax on a cosy coffee break. Admission, lunch buffet, coffee and cake, Serengeti bus tour (approx. 1 hour), feeding of the great apes, jungle safari tour (approx. 20 min.), safari guide

  • Adults € 50.20
  • Children (3 to 12 years) € 35.20


Be welcomed by our ring-tailed lemurs and lemurs on our jungle safari and together with your guide experience the island area of the park almost like in the wild. The lunch buffet and Serengeti bus tour are included! Admission, lunch buffet, Serengeti bus tour (approx. 1 hour), jungle safari tour (approx. 20 min.), feeding of the great apes and guided tour through the jungle safari, safari guide

  • Adults € 44.00
  • Children (3 to 12 years) € 29.00

Comfort Class Bus Safari

From coach to bus: the comfortable short trip including the Serengeti bus tour, bus transfer to the Serengeti show in the theatre tent and coffee and cake – ideal for our senior visitors. The comfort class bus safari can only be booked for the afternoon starting from 1.30 pm. Admission, Serengeti bus tour (approx. 1 hour), show programme, coffee and cake, safari guide (short walking distances only!)

  • Adults € 26.20

Zanzibar Safari

The ultimate whole-day experience: Africa in the middle of Lüneburg Heath. The whole park experience with a guide, show programme and dinner á la carte.
10:30 Arrival at the Serengeti Park and welcome by the safari guide
11:00 Departure of the Serengeti bus tour lasting approximately one hour – afterwards a lunch buffet at the Zanzibar restaurant (drinks not included)
13:30 Get up close! Feeding of the great apes on the jungle safari
14:00 Departure of the open off-road vehicle for the jungle safari tour
15:00 Okavango water show – afterwards individual activities
17:30 Dinner á la carte at the Zanzibar restaurant (rump steak + €3.50 for drinks), afterwards individual activities until you leave for home
Admission, lunch buffet and dinner á la carte, Serengeti bus tour (approx. 1 hour), feeding of the great apes, jungle safari tour (approx. 20 min.), Okavango water show, safari guide

  • Adults € 66.50
  • Children (3 to 12 years) € 40.00

Jambo Africa Tour

Dicover the Serengeti-Park on you own initiative.
Admission, Serengeti bus tour (approx. 1 hour), lunch, “Mother Africa – Heia Safari”-show, coffee and cake.

  • Adults € 41.70
  • Children (3 to 12 years) € 35.70