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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Hamadryas baboon | Papio hamadryas

Hamadryas baboons are relatives of the meerkats and are widely distributed in Africa. They can easily adapt to their habitat. They live in grassy areas with trees as well as in rocky dry areas. They even occur at heights of up to 4000 meters!

Serengeti-Park animals: Baboon

Baboons can have a yellow, greenish or brown coat. This is partly due to the age of each animal, on the other hand, there are also different types. Baboons differ from many other monkeys in one respect: they are soil dwellers. Only at night, they seek out trees and rock niches for sleeping. Their group roams in hordes of 20 to 150 animals! These harem groups, which often form clans, have a clear social ranking and are always led by adult, strong males. How can you differentiate between males and females? The males are almost twice as large and also have a dense shoulder mane. Baboons have long, pointed canine teeth. They use them, usually with success, against their enemies such as leopards or wild dogs that dare to catch their young.