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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Mandrill | Mandrillus sphinx

Mandrills inhabit the rainforests of Central Africa. They are classified as a vulnerable species! These animals usually live on the ground and only occasionally climb trees. They live in small family associations. The males are usually aloof but always alert and protect their family members as an enemy approaches. Mandrills have a striking, blue-red face drawing. The alpha male has the most pronounced color. This color indicates the rank, and additionally helps with threatening and imposing behavior. The opponent is usually intimidated before it comes to the fight.

Serengeti-Park animals: Mandrill

Mandrills belong to the family of baboons and are omnivores: plants, roots, fruits, insects, smaller vertebrates and larger prey animals are part of their diet. Here in Serengeti-Park, you can observe the mandrills in many activities, such as washing objects and food or catching insects and amphibians. The many climbing opportunities, sun and shade courts, meadows and rock areas promote their skills.