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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park


Serengeti-Park animals: Dybowski Deer
Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Dybowski Deer | Cervus nippon dybowskii

Dybow­ski deer or Sika deer were ori­gi­nally dis­tri­bu­ted only in Japan, Tai­wan, China and the Amur area. Howe­ver, they have now been natu­ra­li­zed in many other coun­tries. You can find them in Euro­pean forests, Texas and even in Aus­tra­lia, New Zea­land and Mada­gas­car.

Serengeti-Park animals: Fallow deer
Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Fallow deer | dama dama

The fal­low deer is ori­gi­nally from Europe but has now been intro­du­ced in many other regi­ons of the world. Fal­low deer belong to the deer family (Cer­vi­dae). Howe­ver, he is much lar­ger than a deer and smal­ler than a red deer.

Serengeti-Park animals: Pere Davids Deer
Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Père David’s Deer | Elaphurus davidianus

The Père David’s deer, also known as David­s­hirsch or Milu, used to live in nort­hern China and sou­thern Mon­go­lia. In the wild, they are now com­p­le­tely extinct. In 1865 there was a last herd with 120 ani­mals in the Impe­rial game park near Bei­jing. There, they were dis­co­ve­red by French mis­sionary David and named after him. Some ani­mals were brought to Paris and Lon­don, where they suc­cess­fully repro­du­ced. Thirty years later, the Impe­rial game park near Bei­jing was com­p­le­tely floo­ded by storms, wiping out the ent­ire herd.

Serengeti-Park animals: Spotted deer
Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Spotted Deer | Axis axis

The Middle East and Sri Lanka are the home of the Spot­ted deer, also known as the Chi­tal. It inha­b­its plains and flat hills with trees and bus­hes. Their ene­mies are the tiger, leo­pard and Asian wild dog. Males and fema­les live in herds all year round. They grow and shed ant­lers on their own sche­dule. There is no spe­ci­fic sea­son for this occur­rence, as with all tro­pi­cal deer.

Serengeti-Park animals: Western Red Deer
Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Western Red Deer | Cervus elaphus canadensis

Watch how majestic a Wes­tern red deer is! Anyone who sees a red deer, also known as Wapiti, admi­res its great ant­lers. The stag impres­ses the fema­les of his herd. Have you ever heard a rut­ting cry from a red deer? This is a high, shrill sound that can be heard from afar.