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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Roan antelope | Hippotragus equinus

The Roan antelope lives south of the Sahara in several subspecies. It reaches a length of up to 220 centimeters and a shoulder height of up to 160 centimeters. Their horns are curved backwards and curled to the top. The Roan antelope has drawings on its face, which are called facial mask in animals. Compared to other antelope species, they have very large ears.

Serengeti-Park animals: Roan antelope

Roan antelopes are powerful, fast and at the same time graceful animals. They feel comfortable in the open landscapes of the savannah and bush steppes. Here they have wide but well-defined areas. They live in family groups consisting of one buck and several females. Horse antelopes are very sociable animals. They like to seek the proximity of other family associations and join together to small herds. They even do that with other species such as wildebeest, zebra and eland antelope. In the wild you can often see birds on horse antelopes. Above all, the so-called Madenhacker frees the horse antelope from fly larvae and ticks and also warns them about approaching enemies.