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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Sable antelope | Hippotragus niger

The Sable antelope belongs to the genus Hippotragus with the extinct bluebuck and the roan antelope. You can find them from Kenya across the steppes of East Africa to Southern Africa. The sable antelope is one of the most impressive antelope species ever. However, when irritated, they can become quite aggressive and dangerous.

Serengeti-Park animals: Sable antelope

They have sexually dimorphic features, as the males have a black and white coat, while females and young ones have a reddish-brown coat. Males tend to be loners, but young males (under the age of six) who are unable to defend themselves team up to form bachelor groups. Both sexes wear horns, in male animals they can be up to 1.60 meters long. As in humans, the sable antelope has a gestation period of nine months. After birth, the calf is kept hidden for weeks by the mother to protect it and only visits for suckling.