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Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH Park Rules and Regulations

Serengeti-Park Legal Notices

Issued: March 2015

Welcome to Serengeti-Park

We are pleased that you have come to visit our park and would like to make it possible for you and all our other visitors to have a wonderful experience. We would therefore ask you to keep the customary care and consideration in mind. First and foremost, this means showing responsibility for yourself and for others and not ignoring the rules of common courtesy. Safety is a top priority at Serengeti-Park and you can support us in our efforts. Please pay close attention to the following rules and regulations of our park, which form the basis of our business with respect to the use of Serengeti-Park.

1. Parking

The rules and road signs of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply in our car parks. Visitors to Serengeti-Park must park their vehicles in the marked visitors’ car parks. The Safari Lodge car park is reserved exclusively for overnight guests. The staff car park may only be used by Serengeti-Park employees. In order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, the instructions of our marshals in the car parks must be followed exactly. Only park your vehicle within the designated spaces. If you park your vehicle outside of these areas and cause an obstruction to traffic, we will have to have your vehicle towed away at your risk and cost. When you leave your vehicle, please make sure you have closed and locked the doors, boot, windows and sunroof and do not leave any valuables in your car. We also ask you not to leave any animals behind in your vehicle. Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH is not liable for any theft or damage to your vehicle by others. This also applies if damage can be ascribed to storms, fire, hail, explosion or any other unusual events. This exclusion does not apply if the damage is caused by gross negligence or intentionally by members of staff of Serengeti-Park GmbH. Compensation can only be paid if you report the damage to our administration personnel before leaving Serengeti-Park so long as reporting the damage can be reasonably expected.

2. Admission

The grounds of Serengeti-Park may only be entered with a valid entrance ticket at the marked visitor entrances. Access to Serengeti-Park via the lodge facilities is only for overnight guests. Entrance tickets must be kept with you throughout your visit and must be shown on request. Entrance tickets are only valid on the day of purchase. The right of entry expires as soon as you leave the park grounds. The entrance ticket entitles you to use all the services on offer at the time of your visit for which no extra charge is payable. Services for which a separate charge is payable are designated accordingly.
Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused admission to the grounds or may be asked to leave. Children under 7 years of age may only enter if accompanied by an adult.

3. General Safety Regulations

Dogs are welcome visitors but must be kept on a lead. Dogs are not granted access to show performances, the Serengeti bus, jungle safari, aqua safari, fun rides or the specially designated areas of the park. You may not bring any other pets with you.
The fire authority regulations must be observed in the park. Smoking is prohibited when using any of the attractions. This also applies in the queuing areas and restaurants, as well as the shows, performances and/or large gatherings. We take the “Law for the protection of minors” very seriously. Anyone who does not comply will be asked to leave the park without being able to claim a refund for their entrance ticket. Visitors may not leave the paths or the marked roads. You must not climb over safety barriers, safety cordons, fences, locks or walls under any circumstances. Keep off the grass. Our visitors move around at their own risk throughout the entire Serengeti safari; this applies to people and to their belongings. You may only drive through the Serengeti safari in your own car or on the Serengeti bus. You are not permitted to get out of your car or off the Serengeti bus in the marked facilities of the Serengeti safari. You may get out of your vehicle in two marked places. The following applies in these two areas:
Children must be accompanied and supervised by adults
Your vehicle must remain under your supervision at all times
Dogs must, of course, remain in the car
You may not feed the animals (apart from in the Europe facility; there is a shop selling feed to visitors here)
Respect the animals. Do not approach from an unexpected angle, for example from behind, so that the animals get frightened
You may consume food and drink outside of the Serengeti safari
Show consideration for the animals and take special care around young animals and animals lying down – therefore please only drive on the roads and routes. Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH will not assume any liability for accidents outside of the marked public routes and on the specially designated company and staff routes due to breach of your obligation to maintain safety. The possession and carrying of weapons or dangerous objects (pistols, knives, chains, knuckle dusters, etc.) fireworks, bottles, cans and intoxicants on or near the grounds of the Serengeti-Park is not permitted. The instructions of park staff are to be followed in the interest of your own safety and orderliness.
The wilful making of noise and loud operation of musical devices is prohibited. Outdoor clothes and shoes must be worn. You may not bring bicycles, balance bikes and tricycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, toboggans, etc. with you for safety reasons. Due to unfavourable weather conditions (rain, sleet, snowfall, etc.) and spray from the water rides there may be a danger of slipping in the park. Visitors are therefore advised to exercise due care and attention throughout the park and to wear sturdy footwear with a good grip, to refrain from walking quickly and running, and to use the handrails provided. Swimming and entering the water are strictly prohibited for all expanses of water.

4. Use of the Facilities and Attractions in the Leisure Park

The facilities in the leisure park are provided for your use within the scope of the relevant regulations. Please pay attention to the instructions of the respective operating staff. If you wilfully disregard the instructions for use, operating instructions or instructions by members of staff, the operating staff may refuse to let you use the attraction without you having a right to claim compensation. This also applies if you try to jump the queue.
You will be liable for any damage which you cause by disregarding the instructions for use or wilful damage. In the event of a power cut resulting from a thunder storm, storm or other event and a resultant outage of facilities or attractions you are not able to demand a refund or partial refund of the admission charge that you have paid. In the event of strong winds, restricted visibility, thunder storms or certain weather conditions, we are entitled to suspend the operation of individual facilities and attractions for the protection of our visitors. There will be no entitlement to a refund or partial refund of the admission charge that you have paid.

5. Use of the Play Areas

The use of the play equipment, playgrounds and similar facilities is at your own risk. The use of play equipment by adults is prohibited.

6. Duty of Supervision

We would like to advise all parents and persons accompanying groups to fulfil your duty of supervision carefully since we cannot release you from this duty. In this respect, supervisors and parents bear the responsibility for any damage caused by those under their supervision.

7. Limitations of Liability

The time you spend in and around Serengeti-Park and the individual attractions of the adventure safari, Serengeti safari, jungle safari and facilities is at your own risk. We will be liable for any damage caused by the culpable violation of an essential contractual obligation or by gross negligence or intent. In the event of the violation of an essential contractual obligation excluding gross negligence or intent we will not be liable for unforeseeable and atypical damages. Our liability on the grounds of injury to life, body or health and such in accordance with the German Product Liability Act, in the event of the fraudulent concealment of defects, as well as the assumption of a guarantee of the property of an item, shall be unaffected by this. Serengeti-Park GmbH will not be liable for items handed over to the staff in the park or set down in the grounds of the park.
No liability is assumed for any items, including mobile phones, cameras, jewellery, shoes, etc. which are damaged or destroyed during use of an attraction or are lost. The attendance of the park’s own first aid service does not replace a potential need for medical assistance.

8. Reporting Damage

All of the facilities in the park are looked after und monitored carefully. If you do come to grief in spite of this without it being your own fault, please report the damage to reception/administration before you leave the park. Please also contact us if there are reasons to assume that damage could occur at a later point in time due to an incident. A claim for compensation is excluded if a possible and reasonable report of damage is only made once you have left the park.

9. Advertising and Offering of Wares and Services

Advertising in the grounds and in the car parks of the park and the offering of wares and services is only permitted with the prior written consent of management. This also applies to conducting surveys and counts. Advertising or announcements on behalf of organisations, associations, interest groups or your own ideas using media of any kind are prohibited in the grounds and inside all of the buildings and on the fun rides, etc. and will be punished in every single case with expulsion from the park, civil action and criminal charges on the grounds of breach of the peace.

10. Films and Photographs for Promotional Purposes

Films are made and photographs taken in Serengeti-Park. The areas/attractions concerned are marked wherever possible. Please avoid these areas if you do not wish any potential images taken of you to be used in the public domain later or inform the photographer/film team accordingly. If you do not do this, we will assume that you permit such use free of charge.

11. Park Rules

The leisure park is entitled to ask people who violate the park rules or who are found in the park without a legitimate entrance ticket to leave the park. Anyone who harasses other visitors, or uses the facilities contrary to the directions for use provided or the restrictions on use or who does not follow the instructions of the staff, these park rules or the mandatory signs or interferes in any other way, may be asked to leave the park without any entitlement to a refund of the admission charge.

14. Place of Fulfilment, Place of Jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from or in connection with the contract, as well as the place of fulfilment for payment, supply and performance is the registered office of Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen GmbH, Walsrode District Court.

15. Applicable Law, Ancillary Agreements, Contact

German law applies with the exception of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. There are no verbal ancillary agreements. If individual items in park rules are or become ineffective, inexecutable or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the contract and remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.
We hope you have a day full of wonderful experiences and lots of fun.
Yours, the Sepe family