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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Sitatunga | Tragelaphus spekii

The Sitatunga live in the swamp and in the water in western and southern Africa. For food they choose aquatic plants, reed and fresh grasses. Sitatunga have wide hooves that carry them well over muddy ground. On hard ground, however, they are cumbersome.

Serengeti-Park animals: Sitatunga

They swim excellently and therefore like to escape into the water. They can even dive so deep that only the nostrils stick out of the water. In this way, they hide well from predators such as leopards and lions. The female gives birth to her cub on a dry land. This remains hidden in the thickets for the first few days of life. There is no fixed breeding time for these antelopes, they are born all year round. Therefore, you can discover animals of different ages in our herd!