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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

White-handed Gibbon | Hylobates Lar

The white-handed gibbon or Lar is a primate species of the gibbon family. They are currently classified as endangered with population decreasing! They are particularly fast and maneuverable and can jump up to 14 meters high in the air! Gibbons are very alert, easily excitable animals whose keen eyes and ears do not miss anything that happens around them, even when they seem to be asleep! They live in small groups and hold a strong family bond. In the early hours of the morning and at noon, you can hear their happy shouts through the whole Serengeti Park: Our white-handed gibbons mark their territory in this way. In the wild you will find white-handed gibbons in the forests of Southeast Asia. These animals are 80 inches tall with a weight of up to eight kilograms. The coat is mostly black-gray, but there are also light-brown animals.

Serengeti-Park animals: Gibbon

Gibbons are often incompatible with other monkeys and attack them. An attack is always surprising, because gibbons in a few seconds can rush at lightning speed towards the enemy, bite and shimmy as quickly back away. Gibbons feed on fruits, but also take leaves, shoots and buds. In addition, they eat insects, including praying mantises and wasps, small vertebrates and bird eggs. Gibbons are afraid of water and cannot swim. Their fur is quickly soaked, so they do not get far in the water. To drink, they dip the hairy back of their hand several times into the water and lick it off. They also absorb dew or rain that has gotten stuck on leaves or on their thick fur.