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Wildlife in Serengeti-Park

Zwergzebu | Bos taurus indicus

Zwergzebu or domestic cattle are small cattle from the Zebu lineage. They are native to South Asia and are now widespread in South America. Next to the water buffalo, they are the main tropical livestock. Due to the low weight and sure-footedness of zwergzebu, they hardly cause damage to the ground. Thus, they help with field work. For long journeys, they are used for transport.

Serengeti-Park animals: Zwergzebu

Their sense of smell is excellent. They develop a strong sense of belonging to their flock and a very strong protective instinct. These animals are very intelligent. They recognize their caregivers very carefully from a distance. As they are met with patience and love in the Serengeti Park, they even listen to the call. Coercion and violence unleash flight or aggression. Noticeably, these animals have a high hump caused by a greatly enlarged shoulder muscle. Overall, however, they have a slender, elongated shape with even horns. Their coat color ranges from white, gray, red, brown, and black.